About Me and the Blog

Hi there! My name is Rhys, and I’m someone who’s committed to authenticity.

I’ve made this commitment because, at 20 years old, I had the realisation that I’ve actually lived life so far being afraid of being real and vulnerable with those close to me. I once believed that this was protecting me from pain or rejection, however I now see that it has cost me greatly; in the connectedness, love and free expression I could experience in virtually all my relationships with the important people in my life. I’m almost 21, I have been on exchange overseas, published a novel, travelled the world, started university in The Netherlands and met people and had experiences I had never dreamed were possible. Despite this, I feel that until recently I have been holding myself back from sharing who I am to the world, and only since my realisation of this have I noticed the impact it’s had. Realising has not made it easier however, and every day in every situation I need to choose to generate that authenticity. It is not a simple task. Thus, the goal of this page is fourfold: as a challenge to that impulse to withdraw, a journal of my experiences living this commitment and how I face what comes with it, an exercise to hone my writing, and hopefully a piece which leaves you, my reader, touched, moved and inspired to take on authenticity in your own life. I keep this blog to share the experiences of mine which I feel may be valuable for others to learn about and express my thoughts on having authentic love and connection present in ones life and relationships, and continue sharing my own journey in this with you who wish to receive it.


Amour and More,